Support for Children with Special Needs Our Shalom Centre in Matunga takes care of children with special needs, including those who are physically and mentally challenged, as well as those with hearing impairments. The Centre focuses on the total development of these children and their families, and supports the children so that they may succeed in their studies. Participants also engage in creative activities, such as singing, dancing and drawing.

The Centre provides nutritious meals and regular medical care for children with special needs, as well as hearing aids, prosthetics and other assistive devices as required. Perhaps most importantly, the Centre allows these children to enjoy a sense of community and belonging.

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 Anil Khondvilkar
Anil was down with chicken pox when he also contracted polio and was subsequently paralyzed from the waist. Treatment was provided at Wadia Hospital, with CORP taking care of the expenses. Without CORP, Anil would not have been able to afford treatment.
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